When Louisa May Alcott was alive, she accomplished many things.  Those included:

·         Starting to sell stories at the age of sixteen.

·         Working as an army nurse during the Civil War.

·         Writing her first successful book, Hospital Sketches, a collection of letters home.

·         Publishing the book Little Women which brought fame and was based on her actual family.

·         Being a supporter of the right of women to vote.

·         Writing short stories called lurid (which to her meant lively and forbidden) which usually involved powerful women, murder, suicide, madness, passion, and drug experimentation.


To reach these goals, she:

·         Would hide in her closet for as many as fourteen hours a day to write while taking breaks with running in the woods and having her parents bring her food.


After writing these books and nursing, she became famous and she:

·         Paid for her sister’s trips and schooling in Europe to practice art.

·         Lived under the name A.M. Barnard. 

·         Had a “secret” life.

·         Paid for all of the Alcott’s debts.


Although she was famous, she:

·         Didn’t like the attention and fame.

·         Dressed plain and in black even though the characters in her books wore more bright and vibrant colors.